About us

At Community ArtReach, our ethos is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves a space where they feel not only safe but genuinely welcomed.

We strive to create an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated, and individual voices are honored. Our commitment goes beyond the art on the page; it extends to fostering connections, building confidence, and creating a sense of belonging for all participants.

In every workshop, whether it's poetry or confidence building, our guiding principle is to provide a haven where individuals can explore their creativity without fear or judgment.

We understand that each person brings a unique perspective to the table, and it's within this diversity that the magic of our community unfolds.

About our Founder

Howdy everyone! My name is Wallis Prophet, I’m the founder of Community ArtReach, driving the course of this dynamic platform for the past nine years while leading the Draw Your (S)words Poetry event on Kaurna Land.

Beyond my role as a proud queer trans writer, my professional journey encompasses significant experience in mental health support. This background has deeply influenced my commitment to the transformative power of words, recognizing their profound impact on individual and community well-being.

My advocacy extends beyond the realm of creative writing; I am also a passionate activist for social justice. Community ArtReach is a culmination of these diverse experiences, providing a space where creativity flourishes, voices resonate, and individuals find solace and support for their artistic endeavors.

With a foundation rooted in mental health support, I've shaped Community ArtReach into more than an events business. It stands as a testament to the belief that the arts can be a catalyst for positive change, highlighting inclusivity and connecting people from all walks of life.

In my role as the founder, I am dedicated to introducing Community ArtReach and the power of words into all communities. This platform reflects the resilience, diversity, and strength within our community. I invite you to join us in this journey of artistic exploration, growth, and community empowerment.