We offer many fantastic services from writing workshops to booking poets for your next class/event.
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Once booked, we will be in contact with you to finalise details, and are happy to tailor our services to meet your needs. 

Writing Workshops:
a series of poetry workshops facilitated by Wallis Prophet Director of
Draw Your (S)words. Over 4 weeks, you will exploring poetry styles, break down writer's block, writing prompts to find new inspiration, and writing through a new perspective. This carefully curated workshop has been designed to
provide practical tools in building self confidence.
These workshops are priced at a sliding scale as to what you can afford. 
$30 per 2 hour workshop. or $110 for all four workshops.


One on One Writing sessions:
At times, the journey of self-discovery through writing is best undertaken in a space tailored just for you. Our 1-on-1 writing sessions provide a safe haven for individuals who may prefer a more intimate and personal approach to exploring their creativity. We also accept payments through NDIS plans.
$ 70 per hour.



Book a poet
Are you looking to infuse creativity and inspiration into your school or organisation's events? Consider booking a poet to add a unique and captivating touch to your gatherings. Whether it's a school assembly, literary event, or classroom session, our poets are ready to bring a distinctive flare to your occasion.
$300 for 45mins (up to 35 students)