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Every voice is heard, every story is valued, and every participant is welcomed into a community that believes in the transformative power of art and connection.

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Step into a transformative experience with our Group Confidence Building Workshops! Beyond traditional writing, these sessions focus on cultivating self-confidence in various aspects of life – be it the workplace, relationships, or poetry performances. In a supportive group environment, navigate challenges, conquer self-doubt, and build the resilience needed to face life's uncertainties. Our workshops, available both online and face-to-face, empower you to embrace your full potential in a nurturing community of like-minded individuals.

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Draw Your (S)words Ticket | 20th June 2024
Draw Your (S)words Ticket | 20th June 2024

Draw Your (S)words Ticket | 20th June 2024


Explore fundamental design principles covering composition, balance, contrast and hierarchy

Explore key design elements such as lines, shapes, forms and textures

Experience what graphic designers do in the real world and get the training you need to master new skills.

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Feedback From Our Students

“I looked forward to class every week - It was so refreshing sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded people in a safe space. “

Ash L.

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“Having this community to involve myself with has brought long-term friends into my life, helped me build relationships for other collaborative art endeavours “

Simone K.

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“The poetry workshops were a beautifully curated and thoughtful space for people of varying experience levels to learn and create. “

Lucie V.

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“There was no pressure whatsoever to share our work, and yet, it was such a safe and joyous space that we all actively wanted to “

Freddy L

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